Artist portrait


Gevorg Sargsyan “Djala”


At a young age, Gevorg’s football skills got him a nickname he now uses as an artist alias: Djala. Born in Gyumri, Djala works with paper but also installations, collage, graffiti.

For more than a decade now, his work has been focused on signs and “stone memory”. He takes his inspiration from writings on walls, witnesses of passerby throughout time. His art transmits this stone memory; he actually creates the paper itself, boiling egg boxes to obtain this ancient-looking stone-like paper, on which he plays with signs and symbols.



The signs on his paintings are sometimes Armenian, but he is inspired by the whole world: Latin America, Egypt, ancient languages, Greek and Latin. Djala’s paintings were exposed around the world, in Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, in Egypt and in France. Recently his work was exposed in Dalan Art gallery in Yerevan.



Djala divides his time between teaching and creating art in his studio.

You can admire Djala’s work at the Berlin Art Hotel in Gyumri, which exposes many of his artworks both in the exhibition hall and in the guest rooms.


If you meet him he will be keen on discussing art maters with you over a drink, and he might even take you to his art workshop to show you his work and protocol.


You can find his bio on the Berlin Art Hotel website.


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