What to Learn



Gyumri inhabitants are famous throughout Armenia for their sense of humor. Most Armenians say it is difficult to imagine a person from Gyumri lacking a sense of humor, as they seem to always have a good joke to tell.

Gyumri has been the hometown of many comics, the most famous and well-known of them being Ms. Varsenike and Poloz Mukuch, Vardanik and Mrs. Margo. Everyone in Gyumri knows Poloz Mukush's jokes and his witty answers, which are impossible not to laugh at.

Let's share together some jokes about beloved Poloz Mukuch...


- Where is more comfortable to stay during the funeral, in the front rows or at the back?

- Wherever you be, it will be good. Only not inside of the coffin.


Citro: So Mukuch, I heard you say that I was a fool?

Poloz Mukuch: No, Citro jan, what are you talking about? I keep our secrets safe.


- Do you like Khash?

- Who doesn’t like it!

- And mainly what part of the Khash you like, water or meat?

- Just the vodka of Khash




 Local cuisine


As each place around Armenia, Gyumri also has its own traditional dishes.   

In traditional Gyumri cuisine, lenten dishes have a special place: fried spinach zokhe is the most common food during fasting days. People dip 4-5 zokhe into the puree of the flour, then fry on a pan with oil on heavy fire so that both sides are well reddened. This meal among Gyumri people is known as "lenten fish". On Birthdays and Easter dipping with Rice are fried green beans on paste eggs.